Spring 2023 - FEDeRATED around the globe - Paris, Istanbul, Singapore, Munich, Barcelona, Geneva, Lisbon and Verona

This Spring, FEDeRATED partners are spreading the word on the need for collaboration towards federated data driven collaborative innovations in freight transport and logistics in various places.

In Paris, 21 - 23 April, the FEDeRATED project coordinator contributed to a panel discussion on cargo, data and liability during the International Aviation Law Conference, hosted by PEOPIL  and McGill University, and attended by over 190 delegates.

In Istanbul, 25-27 April 2023, IATA's World Cargo Symposium attracted over 1200 delegates from the air transport sector. A key decision made during the conference was for the air transport industry to implement the IATA ONE Record data sharing standard by 1 January 2026 by all IATA’s member airlines. ONE Record - which is incorporated in FEDeRATED LL#11 - aims at interoperability with multimodal transport thereby enhancping efficiency, sustainability, and create new opportunities within the air cargo sector. 

IATA Conference

In Singapore, 24-28 April 2023, the Singapore Maritime Week attracted many visitors. During the Event,the Virtual Watchtower video  click - as well as its website -  www.virtualwatchtower.org - were released. Various aspects of the Virtual Watchtower project are incorporated in FEDeRATED LL#8, LL#13 and LL#14. During the Singapore Maritime Week, specific meetings were organised between SIngapore and Swedish delegates, aimed at intensifying data based collaboration in maritime transport.

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In virtual settings on 2 May, 51Biz presented LL#17   at  the TIMOR-LESTE national workshop organised by the UNESE national event thereby connecting the dots between the eFTI and FEDeRATED data at source architecture - click here   - and on 10 May, the FEDeRATED operational framework for data sharing in logistics was presented to the Stakeholder Workshop of the PrepDSpace4Mobility Coordination and Support ActionPrep for Coordination and Support Action. Click here

In Munich, 9-13 May, during the Logistics Transport Fair, various FEDeRATED partners actively participate. At the Codognotto booth, four workshops present to a wide range of visitors the contributions of the Netherlands (LL#20), Sweden (LL#5), Spain (LL#21) and Italy (LL#12 and LL#16) towards sustainable federated data sharing in logistiartner collaboration. 


In Barcelona, on 11 May, Puertos del Estado (LL#21actively participated in the eFTI Conference organised by the EC, whereby also 51Bizpresented its LL#17 business case.

In Geneva, on 12 May during the 3 day UN/ECEFE Forum, 51Bwill participate in a Seminar elaborating on the usefulness of data standards for green logistics and the technical developments regarding verifiable credentials.

Geneva 12 May

In Lisbon,  20-23 May during the ITS confereence, the FEDeRATED project and LL#5 will be actively promoted at the Nordic booth. During the various panel sessions - I.e, the EU eFTI Regulation & Digital Logistics, are you ready for the future? and on 5G and digitilisation in logistics, FEDeRATED will present its proposal for an EU operational framework for data sharing in logistics, also in connection to the work of ALICE, and EU projects, such as FENIX. 
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In Verona, 30 May-1 June at the 5th LivingLab workshop, all FEDeRATED assemble, connect the project dots, and charge their engines. 

Make Europe great again

EXTRA:  IATA's World Cargo Symposium abstract: Here is one the statements made at the plenary opening session by Brendan Sullivan, Global Head of Cargo, on digitization:

"In addition to specific efforts on sustainability, like any business air cargo needs to continuously improve its efficiency. And the area with greatest potential is digitalization.We have three goals:

First – 100% airline capability of ONE Record by January 2026
This initiative will replace the many data standards used for transport documents with a single record for every shipment. The Cargo Services Conference agreed on Sunday agreed that it wants to achieve 100% airline capability by 1 January 2026 and the Cargo Advisory Council supports this vision. And IATA will do everything in its power to facilitate that.

Second - Ensuring digital standards are in place to support the global supply chain
We have finalized standards on tracking devices – the IATA Interactive Cargo guidelines - used to monitor the quality and accuracy of conditions of time and temperature sensitive goods being shipped across the world. And our participation in the European Commission’s project “FEDeRATED” is reaching completion after a 5-year development of interoperable technologies and data architectures for use in multi-modal transport.

Third - Ensuring compliance and support for customs, trade facilitation and other government processes that are increasingly digitalized
The modernization agenda also includes governments. A lot of work has been done by nations to agree on and to evolve strategies for trade facilitation, reduce operational barriers at borders and to manage the flows of goods securely. Digitalization plays an important role here. One example is IATA’s work supporting the roll out of the EU’s new Pre-Loading Advance Cargo Information (PLACI) System. PLACI went live on 1 March 2023 despite 12 European States not being ready and not having given definitive information about their timelines for readiness. We are working with these states to provide the necessary clarity to enable airlines to adapt their own implementation planning.

These are big projects. And they are pushing us in the right direction. But we need to move these forward even as the operating environment becomes more challenging."

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This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)