Since 2019, the FEDeRATED project is developing various products. In sum, these products  constitute the operational framework to execute the federated network of platformsvapproach. These products are (you can click the links):

  1. Vision, (2019)
  2. Interim Masterplan (2020)
  3. LivingLabs Scoping (2020 onwards)
  4. The Soul of the Machine (2023)
  5. Elements of Building  (2023)
  6. LivingLabs Assessment Framework (2023)
  7. Migration strategy towards federated data sharing (2023)
  8. Final Testing Pilots/Living Labs report (2024)
  9. The (validated) Masterplan (2024)  federative network of platforms concept

Specific documentation:

  1. Semantic interoperability, (since 2020) , including
    1. Ontology Engineering
    2. Semantic Model 
    3. FEDeRATED Semantic Model - Development Portal
  2. Technical Interoperability (since 2019)
  3. Reference Architecture (2024), covering the details of the FEDeRATED Masterplan, incl Operational Framework
  4. FEDeRATED Node Prototype development, (since 2020)  including
    1. Node prototype and installation, incl codes .
      The latest version of the node prototype and updated documentation can be found at:
      Updated Docker installation instructions are available at: 
      To further assist you please can on a briefing on the configuration and integration of a node
    2. Service Registry (semantic treehouse) see also presentation
    3. Common LivingLab 
    4. Multimodal Visibility Infrastructure - Hackaton 25-26 October 2024
  5. Multimodal Visibility Service (2024) - discussion paper)

Organisational and legal interoperability are covered in the various documents, including An informal sketch assisting the development of a possible  EU Communication and proposal for a Regulation on enhancing supply chain visibility - NON PAPER not committing the FEDeRATED partners)

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This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)