Validating the LivingLabs against the FEDeRATED Architecture

The sum of the FEDeRATED architecture (organisational and functional requirements) and technical specifications enables its participants to become a node in the data sharing grid – EU Mobility Data Space. The Node:

  • always interfaces with a Service Registry and can thus always be configured
  • allows each stakeholder to share data independent of any existing platform while implementing an open source policy;
  • fully supports the language, also supports one or multiple options of the protocol stack, i.e. protocols regarding presentation, security, and connectivity like REST APIs using ‘https’. This also requires a so-called 'semantic adapter'.

As such the node establish an interoperable grid of trusted nodes.

FEDeRATED network graphic

Assessment Pilots/KivingLabs (LLs)  agains the Reference Architecture – the validation process

Whether it is possible for a LL to evolve as a node needs to be  validated - checked. Validation will be done by LivingLabs (LLs), containing real time use cases showing how the FEDeRATED concept could work in practice. The ongoing LivingLabs will be assessed against the Interim Master Plan and the Reference Architecture in two phases:

  1. The assessment of the LLs against the Interim Master Plan. This validation relates to the 37 37 Leading Principles and 16 technical components.
  2. The assessment of the LL against the Reference Architecture. This validation relates to a set of criteria based on the Reference (data sharing) Architecturecheck the technical specifications; - an interoperable LL framework, 

A first validation has been executed in 2022 (Milestone 10). This needs to be repeated in 2023 in such a way that the measuring is tangible and concise. Currently, the process to identify the various aspects reelating the maturity levels is being indentified.  

The illustration presents an overall picture of all LLs taken together mapped against the LLs the technical specifications. Probably, this illustration needs to be finetuned.

LL validation process

Every LL needs to be finetuned and validated against the technical specifications. In order to do so, the technical settings of the LivingLabs in relation of the Technical specifications are currently further defined:


[1] ‘Recently further developed and to be incorporated into the final FEDeRATED Master Plan

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This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)