Building the FEDeRATED network - seeing the wood for the trees

FEDeRATED has developed a future proof data sharing architecture for logistics (seamless multimodal freight transport): our Reference Model . It creates the foundations for executing the EU DTLF networks of platforms approach, which is based on the EU Digital Single Market policy. The goal: Everybody - all stakeholders - should be able to connect with whoever they want on a 24/7 basis. To boldly go where nobody has gone before; - while keeping data at bay.

Green to Gold and anhancing our competitive edge. To visualize upstream and downstream movements, to optimize asset management and infrastructure use, while enabling all stakeholders to function as a  decentralised data node in the federated network. This can be done, either as platform or as an individual organisation. 

To use a methophor. A node can be being visualised as a tree when complying with four technical specifications. many trees make a forest. See picture.


 Do you want to get more information on how to comply as a node? See hereunder and click on the various reference documents:

The roots (semantics) will allow the trees to grow and interconnect. The semantic adapter will function as a go-between. A vibrant web emerges. Entering into the inconceivable. The FEDeRATED forestry is about nursing data diversity. 

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This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)