FEDeRATED in short

  • Supports interoperability in supply and logistics chains.
  • Demonstrates how the federative platform as proposed by the EU Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF) can work.
  • Initiates the implementation of the federated network of platforms concept..
  • Identifies the conditions (barriers and opportunities/benefits) that allow different stakeholders to make use of federated data sharing platforms.
  • Facilitates seamless and cross bordering multimodal freight transport, cross bordering harmonised data interoperability, and data sharing between relevant actors.
  • Enables paperless transport in all transport modes via concrete actions and large-scale collaboration.
  • Supports eGovernment, including a one-stop shop and only once reporting functionalities, and a corridor management information system approach.¬†
  • Fosters a future proof approach allowing current data distribution mechanisms to evolve into a data sharing environment, i.e. multiple (re-)use of data.
  • Develops a reference architecture for a sustainable data sharing environment.
  • Fosters seamless cargo flows along TEN-T corridors.
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Welcome to FEDeRATED - EU project for digital co-operation.

To  enable business and government stakeholders to share trustworthy information in  EU logistics through structured expirements

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Networks want to reach out. Seamless data interoperability is key. Information infrastructures regularly fail to cooperate. Together we develop the bridge over troubled water.

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Who. The partners

15 partners. Both from the public sector and business. Trying to get IT done together.

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HowThe Activities

Develop a common vision. Design a reference architecture (Masterplan). Validate the Masterplan in testing beds. Engage and collaborate with stakeholders.

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When. The timeline

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What. In 2023 we deliver

A validated Masterplan for an EU federated network of platforms concept and a prototype of a data sharing environment for business and public sector use.

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The governance allows sound quality and interaction and involvement of all parties

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EU breeding ground

In 2018, the EC was advised by the DTLF to develop a federative network of platforms - 4 design principles

DTLF Website

Services based on a federated network of platforms

Smart mobility in transport and seamless interconnectivity in logistics.

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Communication manager

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This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)