FEDeRATED 4th LivingLab workshop

From December 12, 2022 18:43 until December 14, 2022 14:00
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A one and a half day workshop. Start 12 December 2022 with a dinner. End 14 December: after Luncheon   Practical Event Information - hotels and travel

Draft programme:

Monday 12 December 2023

16.00-18.00hrs Meeting IT Architecture Board
19.00hrs:             Dinner - Location - restaurant Piren, Lindholmspiren 9 

Tuesday 13 December 2022
08.00hrs  Coffee and sandwich
09.00hrs   Opening workshop – kick-off
09.15hrs     Introductory presentattion: "Do you know, where we are going to? Where do we want to be on 31 December 2023 - including need for testing/LL assessment
10.00hrs      Q&A
10.30hrs       LLs pitches on stakeholder engagement.
11.30hrs        Some common LLs present themselves, including  eFTI - Vediafi-Codognotto-BDI others FEDeRATED node – prototype, RFID in Rail- SIMPLE, TSG-Hermes, 
12.00hrs              Luncheon
12.45-15.00hrs Separate meetings, also for IT-business case discussions.
13.15-15.00hrs presentation some LLs - continuation bilateral meetings
15.00-17.00hrs Workshop on communication issues. Moderator Guido Piccoli. Focus on communication targets, messages and tools.
19.00hrs:   Dinner at hotel Riverton (other side of the river)

Wednesday 14 December:
0800hrs   Coffee and sandwich
09.00hrs:  Assessment of the various LivingLabs. Where do they stand?  Various meetings, can also be bilateral
 1000hrs - Coffee
10.30hrs- Session: Everything you always wanted to know about federated data sharing, but were afraid to ask
 1200hrs  - Lunch

14.00hrs - Closing

This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)