Activity 4: Collaboration

  • Activity leader: Codognotto

    The aim of this Activity is to establish effective and easy-to-understand (low threshold) collaboration means with relevant stakeholders outside the Consortium. Interaction and commitment of various parties in the logistic chain by gaining insight into the practical implications of digitalisation and the opportunities data sharing offers is essential to the success of the federated network of platforms concept. This will require a huge effort and multilayer dissemination approach. The various perspectives, interests and angles of the parties involved need to be addressed.

    Whereas a number of EU Member States are participating directly in this Action, the proposed solutions have potential to affect all EU Member State transport public administration as well as numerous other authorities and logistics industry stakeholders. These EU Member States and representative stakeholder organisations will have the opportunity to discuss, monitor and advise on the progress of the project, not in the least through close collaboration with the DTLF,, especially in terms of the mutual knowledge transfer, sharing results and inputs/contributions. New results and developments in the DTLF will be taken into account. This will be ensured through the participation of a number of active DTLF members in the Action as well as forming close ties with non-FEDeRATED members though e.g. the Consultation Panel (Sub-activity 4.1).

    Representatives of the EC Directorate Generals, Agencies and expert groups, as well as key stakeholder groups may participate in the Consultation Panel .In addition, the Action will reach out and engage with relevant stakeholders including standardization bodies, software developers, and platform providers to realize the federative network of platforms and to reach consensus on the underlying development and implementation methodology. Where possible, the Action will support standardization of the federative network of platforms within the procedures and rules of relevant standardizations bodies, in close collaboration with any other Action(s), and the DTLF (second mandate).

    Further, the Action will actively collaborate and synchronise with current and future projects/initiatives and other privately and publicly funded developments that strive to develop and implement (part of) the aforementioned specifications and/or methodology. Consideration will be made towards the development of an international cooperative framework to ensure global alignment.

    The Activity is divided into 3 sub-activities, namely:

    •​Sub-activity 4.1: Consultation Panel
    The objective of this sub-activity is to conduct consultations with relevant stakeholder groups and coordination with national authorities and organisations in order to present and align the output of the Activities. Consultation panels and coordination meetings will be organised to enable collaboration on the following:
    • International dimension (global transposition);
    • European (Union) (e.g. DGs etc.) dimension ;
    • (Member) State (authority) dimension;
    • Industry (logistics service providers) dimension (multinational, SME, etc.);
    • ​Standardisation bodies etc.;
    • Platform providers (incl. software developers).

Tasks in this sub-activity include coordination of national authorities and organisations involved in the specification and eventual implementation of the federative network of platforms living labs per EU Member State. It also includes but is not limited to administrative and organisational support, e.g. minutes of meeting, invitations, mailings, gatherings, meeting schedules, reporting activities.

  • ​Sub-activity 4.2: Dissemination and Events
    The aim of this sub-activity is to disseminate the project results to the national and international stakeholders. The work shall comprise following:
    • Presentation on the Action objectives and results within events and conferences;;
    • Dissemination material such as press releases, articles, presentations, flyers;;
    • Dissemination of the Action results towards private and governmental stakeholders;
    • Web page with the results of the Action.

In addition to national dissemination activities it is anticipated that two major events will be organised on a Consortium-wide level:

  • Mid-term event November 2021 (indicative) – Event focussing on the Master Plan and the (preliminary) results of the pilots.
  • Final event November 2023 (indicative) – Event focussing on the results and the setting of priorities.
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This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)