INVITATION - 24 November 2021 - FEDeRATED Mid Term Event

Worldwide, an information revolution is taking place. Paper is replaced by data. Information becomes available without loss of time between event and users. Real time data offers the opportunity for an information advantage and economic growth. Many companies in logistics and connected public authorities fail sufficient operational skills and brainpower to effectively deal with data. A reliable and open digital infrastructure – a federated network of platforms – through which everyone can log in and do digital business is missing. The FEDeRATED project aims to deliver this infrastructure provision. 

This Mid Term Event informs where we stand today and what we are heading towards - Bolstering EU digital competiveness and sustainability in logistics.

The programme:

09.00-09.30 Registration

09.30-09.40 Opening and Welcome (moderator: Guido Piccoli)

09.40-10.00 The EU data startegy and logistics - a policy update – DG MOVE speaker tbc

10.00-10.15 FORUM: The FEDeRATED way - achievement and next steps

10.15-12.30 Various FEDeRATED partners will present some major achievements of the FEDeRATED project. Special attention will be given to the Vision, Elements of Architecture, Semantic modelling, Consultation processes (stakeholder engagement) and how the FEDeRATED relates to current EU legislative processes, i.e. European Maritime Single Window environment and electronic Freight Transport Initiative.

12.30 - 13.00 Question and Answers

In demos, the progress of 6 Living Labs wlll illustrated:

  • CaaS –public private partnership enabling  automated border crosing
  • RFID in RAIL – situational awareness through borderless data sharing 
  • SIMPLE – platform interoperability for seamless multimodal transport
  • D4YOU – automated capacity planning through a data lake
  • eGovernment Logistics – pull based authorized data access for public authorities 
  • Internet of Logistics – Multimodal visibility through shared distributed transport data

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The objectives

FEDeRATED is an Action of EU Member States public authorities and companies enabled through the EU Connecting Europe Facility. The goal is to develop a future proof and validated EU network of platforms framework. FEDeRATED aims to prevent logistic operators and public authorities involved from wasting the opportunities offered by the digital revolution in logistics and strives towards a coherent and open to all approach. 

The FEDeRATED Action is based on the work developed by the EU Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF network of platforms concept and adheres to the 4 DTLF building blocks: Plug and play; Federation; Technology independent services; Secure, safe and trust

Since 2019, FEDeRATED project has developed:

  1. A vision, reference architecture and revolutionary semantic model enabling all logistics operators to cost effectively participate in a federated data share (FEDeRATED) infrastructure provision.
  2. New services to be based on the FEDeRATED infrastructure provision, enabling parties to gain much more insight into each other's activities, realizing innovations and achieving efficiency and sustainable logistics.
  3. Consultation panel agendas on how to fully interact and commit companies and public authorities to the digital line.

FEDeRATED assist the EC to empower logistic operators becoming digital ready thereby contributing to an EU world class data space for mobility. FEDeRATED is a public private consortium. 

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This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)